Our wonderful sponsors play a key role in the success of the team. Without our industry links, we wouldn't be able to achieve such fast and well developed cars.


Sponsorship management also enables the advancement of our business team who reach out and maintain relationship with all our sponsors. If you or your company are willing to sponsor us or are able to provide a service, please contact our business team. (No matter how small!)

F19 Sponsors


Autodesk is know for its excellent 2D and 3D CAD software utilised across the professional engineering field.  

This year they are providing the manufacturing for the Plenum with our powertrain team using Fusion 360 for the design. The built in collaboration tools and generative design features allows for quick and effective teamwork.

RS Tuning

RS Tuning is a local performance tuning centre. They can provide In house custom remapping of ECU's as well as providing performance parts and packages.

Most useful to us is their dyno which we use to test and map our engine. It can handle up to 2400 HP so F19 should be safe.

SPEN Bearings

SPEN Bearing, based in Yorkshire, have provided our team with a wide range of bearings for many years. They are utilised throughout the car from the pedal box to wheel uprights.

Their in-house expertise help us select exactly which product we need.


With manufacturing comes the need to keep your cool. More specifically your workpiece and tools! Rocol provide us with the perfect sprays to do just that. Our vehicle dynamics lead, Maciej,  is partially fond of RTD chlorine free Spray for notching.

They also have a wide range of lubricants that we pack our bearings with to ensure performance and longevity.


Metals4u has kindly sponsored us a large amount of sheet metal that has been utilised across the car. The entirety of the bodywork and various mounting points have been manufactured from material provided by the company. 

An example being the new manual shifting system where the vital shifter mounting has been cut from steel sheeting. 

RS components

RS components provides many mechanical and electrical components that has been utilised across the car.


ANSYS are providing us with a full version of their fantastic CFD simulation software without any mesh size limitations. They also produce a wide suite of software products from electromagnetic simulation to semiconductor analysis.

Tom Sanders, our aerodynamics lead, will be using ANSYS software to produce a full car CFD analysis for the development of the chassis and aerodynamic packages on F20 and future cars.

Easy Composites

Our aero team demanded the best materials for their new front and rear wings so we turned to Easy Composites and their excellent selection of carbon fibre products. They kindly provided us with a 10% discount on our purchase meaning F19 should perform and look great come Silverstone.


With Ricardo Wave we are able to simulate engine performance as well as airflow. Our team relies on this data for engine mapping and development of our plenum and exhaust systems. This maximises torque and power in addition to making sure our exhaust meets sound regulations.

Optimum G

The suite of software produced by Optimum G allows for in-depth study of our vehicle dynamics in Optimum kinematics, Optimum Dynamics and Optimum Tyres. Being able to accurately tune the performance during both development and setup allows for our most competitive car yet.

Optimum Laps also gives the ability to design our driveline system around the specific race tracks and situations that our car will encounter without needing a much more significant real-world testing time.

MSC Software

Within MSC softwares products we can evaluate the structural performance of our suspension and potential fatigue over endurance events. Designs are put through failure analysis as well as assessed based upon ride and handling.

MSC software can also simulate the effects of mounts as well as noise and vibration produced in a range of environments.


What’s a workshop without safety! Simpson’s kindly provide us with excellent safety gloves used for manufacturing and construction of our cars. And as a local company we are very glad they are helping our Yorkshire team.