Our wonderful sponsors play a key role in the success of the team. Without our industry partners, we wouldn't be able to achieve such fast and well developed cars.


Sponsorship management also enables the advancement of our business team who reach out and maintain relationship with all our sponsors. If you or your company are willing to sponsor us or are able to provide a service, please contact our business team. We are always open to any kind of new partnerships so please don't be shy to contacts us if you are interested!

F24 Sponsors


Autodesk is know for its excellent 2D and 3D CAD software utilised across the professional engineering field.  

Autodesk have provided us support with their software and generative design processes. The built in collaboration tools and generative design features allows for quick and effective teamwork.

MPM Fibreglass Composites

MPM are specialists in the manufacturing of composite materials, specifically relating to fibreglass and glass-reinforced plastics.

MPM have been an important partner for Leeds Gryphon Racing for the last two years. They supply us with manufacturing space to allow us to build our bodywork and also offer advice and training to our team members.


Printmaker3D are a Swedish additive manufacturing company founded by one of our own team-members, Mateusz Gora. Printmaker3D offer a wide range of 3D printing services and our partnership with the company gives us access to the machines and materials used in their manufacturing processes. Our partnership with Printmaker3D will open up new manufacturing possibilities to allow the team to prototype and build components with unprecedented efficiency.


NXP are an electronics company specialising in the design and manufacture of semi-conductors and software for use in Automotive applications.

NXP have been helping us with our development of our first EV vehicle that we will be entering into the competition in 2024. They have provided us useful test kits for the inverter and have been helping us with our software development on that project.


Quickersim are a Polish company who have provided us use of their CFD software. Their software is used to analyse the thermal performance of electrical components and so we have been using their software to analyse the thermal behaviour of our Accumulator and Inverter during the design phase. 

RS Components

RS components provides many mechanical and electrical components that has been utilised across the car. They have been a key supplier to Leeds Gryphon Racing for a number of years and always have provided a good and reliable service.


ANSYS are providing us with a full version of their fantastic CFD simulation software without any mesh size limitations. They also produce a wide suite of software products from electromagnetic simulation to semiconductor analysis.

Our aerodynamics leaders, will be using ANSYS software to produce a full car CFD analysis for the development of the chassis and aerodynamic packages on F223.

Easy Composites

Our aero team demanded the best materials for their new front and rear wings so we turned to Easy Composites and their excellent selection of carbon fibre products. Their contribution to F23 will allow us to make some great weight savings to help improve our car's performance.

Optimum G

The suite of software produced by Optimum G allows for in-depth study of our vehicle dynamics in Optimum kinematics, Optimum Dynamics and Optimum Tyres. Being able to accurately tune the performance during both development and setup allows for our most competitive car yet.

Optimum Laps also gives the ability to design our driveline system around the specific race tracks and situations that our car will encounter without needing a much more significant real-world testing time.


Revolution or 'Revs' is one of the most exciting and vibrant evening spaces in the city of Leeds. The team at LGR get access to the amazing events and offers at Revs which allow us to run events to help bond the team together and celebrate our achievements. 

As part of our deal with Revolution, we also get some of the money that we spend during our team-building activities re-invested back into our team to help fund our project.

The Library

What would Leeds Gryphon Racing be without the Library? As an institution that has represented the social hub for generations of Leeds Gryphon Racing team members, it brings us great joy to be able to officially partner up with the Library.

Our partnership with the Library gets our team access to event space, most recently used for a charity fundraiser in aid of the Movember campaign. We also get access to discounts and funds for our team, allowing us to build a greater team spirit whilst also getting resources that will help the development of our cars.