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F19 achieved an excellent result at Silverstone 2019 of 144 points and then a week later, at Formula SAE Italy, an even better score of 24th Place with 264 points! A great result from both the team and the car.  


The main aims for this car was for the Vehicle dynamics team to tune and refine the suspension setup whilst the aerodynamics team developed a brand new aerodynamics package. Unfortunately the aero kit wasn’t ran at competition due to a test day accident.


Adopting the power and drivetrain from F18, F19 was powered by a reliable and powerful 2017 KTM 500 EXC engine which produced 47.5Nm of torque @6300 rpm and approximately 49HP @7900. Gear shifts were made via a newly designed manual shifting mechanism requiring no clutch for shifts designed by the driveline team. The car also featured a new plenum (utilising 3D printing for manufacturing Kindly sponsored by AutoCAD) and exhaust systems that both improved performance and acoustics.


The new aerodynamics package included front and rear wings constructed using composites, as well as an undertray and rear defuser. Each part has to be designed with all aspects of the bodywork in mind to optimise the downforce produced across the car. These additions also give the car a striking and aggressive look.


Further photos of the car can be seen on our social media pages.