The F23 Team

The team structure is hierarchical, starting with the team leaders and then followed by the sub-team leaders of each department. They are responsible for goal setting, time management and core design plans of the current cars.

Team Leaders

This year, as the team is developing two cars simultaneously, we have two leaders, each focusing on one car. Colin, a third year Mechanical Engineering student, heads the Internal Combustion (IC) car, with Roman Porazinski , a fourth year Mechatronics student, leading the Electric Vehicle (EV) team.

IC Team Lead

Colin Mok

EV Team Lead

Roman Porazinski

Technical Directors

Our technical directors are some of our most experienced team members, who aid the whole team, lending their experience on design and manufacturing. Our TDs this year have both just returned from years in industry and so are helping us implement industry-level design processes and offering industry-level support.

Dom Vaitkus

Mateusz Maciocha

IC specific Sub Team Leads

Our IC team is split into several sub teams, each focusing on specific aspects of the car. We are going to be taking our IC car to Silverstone this year, a car focussed on making some strong improvements on last year's car, which was well-designed but unreliable.

Vehicle Dynamics

Kallum Trinh


Cameron Robbins


James King

EV specific Sub Team Leads

Our EV team is split into several sub teams, each focusing on specific aspects of the car. Our aim for this year is to build the team's first ever electric powertrain. We want to start testing the internals of an EV to get our team ready to build LGR's first EV car in 2024.

Vehicle Dynamics

Tom McFadden


Ben Wright

Powertrain (electrics)

Michal Nowinski

Powertrain (mechanical design)

Jack Rudd

Shared Sub Team Leaders

We also have two team leaders whose responsibilities are shared across both the IC and EV car. They both work extremely hard to tailor their designs to both cars and ensure that both projects are making good progress.


George Ganiford


Abbie Gifford

Business, HR and Social Leads

Our Business Division are our professional face, responsible for interacting with our Sponsors, our fans and the environment, as well as being a key part of the FSUK competion.


Oscar Leon


Tyhan Rahman


Laura Butterworth


Olivia Skilbeck

Faculty Support

As a team we are indebted to the support we receive from our faculty, aiding us in both technical areas and management.

Faculty Advisor

Kris Kubiak

Technical Support

Alan Brickwood

Technical Support

Peter Grieve

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Technical Support

Max Pepper

Wing Logo

Guest Lecturer

Isobel Pollock-Hulf