F21 Class 1

The team structure is hierarchal starting with the team leader and then followed by the sub-team leaders of each department. They are responsible for goal setting, time management and core design plans of the current car.

Within each department you have small sub teams called scrums. A individual scrum is responsible for the design and development of a section of the car. For instance we have an exhaust scrum group and a plenum scrum group within the Powertrain department. This helps to focus people on specific tasks and enables more efficient work.

Team Principal

Lucy Mackie

Lucy - Head of Class 2

Subteam Leaders

Vehicle Dynamics 

Quasi Khsman and Ricardo Abi Aad


Filip Miłto


Theo Gwynn

Theo - Head of Powertrain


Mateusz Maciocha


Michal Nowinski


Yiorgos Meliotis

F22 Concept Class

Whereas Class 1 focuses on the manufacturing of the current internal combustion design, Concept Class team works on the design of a new electric car.

Similar design steps have to be taken as Class 1; from selecting areas to improve, dividing tasks between team members and fully designing a car. This gives the team the ability to double the design and manufacturing cycle of a car from one to two years. The change that was brought to the car this year is the electric system. Right now, our team is working on the first electric car designed by Leeds Gryphon Racing which will result in a faster and more sophisticated car.


Team Leader

Alexandra Poșta

Subteam Leaders

Vehicle Dynamics

James Lee


Samuel Gillett


Alexander Monk


Joseph Murphy


Benjamin Wright


F21 General Team Leaders

These teams work on a variety of tasks, either simultaneously for both classes, such as Business and Media, or are focused on Design and development of new ideas or prototyping and manufacturing.


Dom Vaitkus

Dom - F19 Leader


Tom Sanders


Chimdirim "Chichi" Ani

Chichi - Head of Business


Jonathan "Jonny" Knowles

Jonny - Head of Media

Faculty Advisors

Kris Kubiak

Alan Brickwood

Isobel Pollock-Hulf